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Ductile Iron Sand Casting improvement by PTC stirring process

The PTC process stirs the metal during solidification thus; reduces the riser's mass, decreases the Micro porosity and refines micro structure, reduces defect ratio, improves quality and reduces production cost dramatically.

PTC advantages for Ductile iron Sand Casting

Riser's mass reduction by 70% -90% and thus casting weight reduction by 30-40%
Foundry yield increase from 60% to over 90%
Foundry sand reclamation reduction by 30%
Melting and Holding furnaces efficiency increase by 50%
Environmental emission reduction by 35%
Casting productivity increase by at least 20%
Surface roughness reduction
Microstructure refinement.
Shrinkage and porosity reduction
Mechanical properties improvement

As a result significant production cost savings and t in product quality improvement is achieved.


Normal casting:
Total casting weight – 6.8 kg Net product weight – 3.4 kg
Pouring feeder weight – 1.2 kg
Riser’s weight – 2.2 kg 


Casting with PTC process:
Total casting – 4.8 kg
Net product weight – 3.4 kg
Pouring feeder weight – 0.6 kg
Riser’s weight – 0.8 kg


Casting camshafts with the PTC technology is result in reduction of 30% reduction in casting weight.

The data presented on the website is limited due to confidentiality

 Risers without PTC

 Risers with PTC


Comparison of low riser Camshaft with and without PTC shows large shrinkage in the riser and part when casting low risers without the PTC, and full solid riser and part, when using the PTC.

X-Ray Low Risers without PTC

X-Ray Low Risers     with PTC

Comparison of X-Ray photos of low riser Camshaft with and without PTC shows large porosity in the camshaft that casted with out the PTC technology, and defect free low riser camshaft casted with the PTC.

Microstructure Of Ductile Iron

Normal Ductile Iron PTC casting


Microstructure of ductile iron 4% C, 3% Si, 0.3% Mn with and without PTC process. The PTC treated casting shows much finer microstructure without any undesired noodle shape graphite.

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